Resources for Freelance Web Designers

Being a freelance web designer is definitely hard work! But if you are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to be a good one (i.e. make a living), it can be both financially rewarding and fun! Here are a few articles, links, and tools to help you along on your freelancing […]

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How to Survive as a Freelancer

I like this article, it also has links of some other helpful article, here is the link:


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10 Absolute “Nos!” for Freelancers

Author says:

“When I first started freelancing as a college student, I was eager to do any website and would say “Yes” to anything, regardless of my skill set or the time involved. It was just nice to know that someone needed me for a skilled task. Unfortunately, I quickly found myself working all the time, […]

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Top Web Development Mistakes

I like to share some nice articles about web development mistakes, hope we can avoid it.

7 deadly web development mistakes
Seven Web Development Pitfalls
Top Mistakes in Website Development
Top Web Development Mistakes
8 Web Design Mistakes That Developers Make

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Top Web Design Mistakes

Here are some interesting points, let’s check out sites.

Top 32 Web Design Mistakes
43 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid
10 common Web design mistakes to watch out for

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CSS Tips n Tricks

I was trying to fix IE6 css error and found some wonderful site.


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When GTD Goes Too Far: How To Avoid Productivity Paranoia

Anyone interested in improving their productivity has no doubt heard about the Getting Things Done philosophy. Created by David Allen, this workflow program advocates a five step process to getting your daily to-dos under control. For many, it’s helped them turn their chaotic and unproductive work hours around and get their careers and jobs under […]

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Online Generators for Web 2.0 Design

Just check out some large web 2.0 application directories at bottom, you may find that either small or portal sites are more willing to be web 2.0 style. It seems that web 2.0 is popular and successful at this moment and have become a trend on the web. Here is the list of online generators […]

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99 Resources for Web 2.0 Design

Nice collection of badges, buttons, rounded corners, logos, icons, gradient images, speech bubbles, background images, colors, navigations, fav icons, charts and misc collections and generators. Here is the link.


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5 ways to build your virtual office

Running a virtual business is easier (and cheaper) than ever — if you have the right tools

Click here for article.

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