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Hi, I’m Ayaz Ahmed, a Web Solution Architect & Project Manager. I am a veteran with 28+ years of experience in the IT industry having worked with a number of both local and international clients of all business sectors and sizes.

I offer Website and Portal Development services; including WordPress Web development. I prefer to work with PHP/Laravel, Python and NodeJS.

My actual roles is selecting a suitable stack as per requirements and deploying it with efficiency and proper documentation.

I was very pleased with the coding work that Ayaz did on my website, as he was able to make numerous corrections to bad WordPress coding that two other developers were unable to complete. I would definitely hire his services again.

- Marvin

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About me

I have been working as a contractor with numerous clients in the UK and US, I have dedicated phone lines with both US and UK numbers and am flexible on timings and am accustomed to working on PST and CET schedules. I have back-up internet and power facilities and my own VPN server’s; so distance, lack of internet connectivity and time schedules the three key main hurdles when working with off-shore clients are a non-factor with me.

So why don’t you shoot me an email and we can have a discussion about your requirements and chalk out a way to proceed.

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