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Best Git Tutorials – 2021

Version control is essential for any file-based project whether you’re a developer, open source contributor, project manager, quality controller or even student.

Git is the most popular open-source version control system (distributed free) that allows contributors to track their code changes, manage multiple version of code, roll back if required or merge code developed by other team members.

It enables a team of developers to work on a single project collaboratively. Each developer has a copy of project and a combined version is hosted on a private server or an open-source website like GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab.

Now you have some basic information on Git and its amazing features, let’s look at some Git tutorials to get you up and running quickly.

For Beginners

An Easy Beginner’s Guide to Git

An Intro to Git and GitHub for Beginners

Beginner Git Video Tutorials

Git Tutorial for Beginners (with Video)

Getting started with Git (with Video)


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