June 26, 2013

50 New Resources and Tools for Developers and Designers

As every designer or developer knows, anything that can save you just a little bit of time everyday is truly priceless. So, what we have for you today will delight you. We have 50 fantastic web design tools and resources that have all been released this year and have one […]
May 1, 2013

30 Wireframe Templates and Toolkits

Creating wireframes doesn’t necessarily require the use of special wireframing software. It is entirely possible to plan and prototype user interfaces using established tools like Adobe Illustrator, OmniGraffle or even PowerPoint and Keynote. These tools are tried and tested and incorporate a rich set of features that allow users to […]
July 11, 2012

35 Photoshop Tutorials for Creating Modern Web Design

I used this list to teach new web designers. Now, the main site is down so I added it as a reference here. Adobe Photoshop is used by the most web designers. With Photoshop you can create everything what you want from beautiful logo to elegant and modern web design. […]
June 13, 2012

Free Photoshop PSD Web UI Elements For Download

Are you looking for Photoshop Elements for creating layouts quickly, here are some resources: 500+ Free PSD Web UI Elements For Download 70 Free PSD Web UI Elements For Designers 70 Useful Free Web Design Elements PSD Files for Download 50 Free Web And Mobile UI Element Kits, Wireframe Kits […]
September 13, 2011

How to Post From Your Front End With No Plugin

A very nice and useful article, really appreciate it How to Post From Your Front End With No Plugin
July 13, 2011

WordPress Tips, Tricks, Tutorials and Hacks

55+ Most Wanted WordPress Tips, Tricks, and Hacks 60+ Most Useful WordPress Tips, Tricks, Tutorial and Hacks 50+ Best WordPress Tips and Tutorials of February 2011 36 Best WordPress Tips and Tutorials of March 2011 40+ Best WordPress Tips and Tutorials of May 2011 45 Best WordPress Tips and Tutorials […]
October 24, 2010

CSS Tools, Toolbox, Techniques and Tutorials

350+ Great CSS Tools and Techniques 100+ Massive CSS Toolbox 5 Popular CSS Frameworks + Tutorials & Tools for Getting Started and 100+ Resources for WordPress Theme Developers
October 22, 2010

WordPress Themes

100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes 413 Best Free WordPress Themes 45 Best Free WordPress Themes of All Time Best Free WordPress Themes Gallery http://wordpressthemesbase.com/ http://topwpthemes.com/ http://www.wpdaddy.com/ http://www.clazh.com/top-ten-best-free-wordpress-themes-and-templates/ http://www.bestwpthemes.com/
October 21, 2010

Drupal Themes

Some real nice collections: http://drupal.org/project/Themes http://drupal2u.com/ http://www.tripwiremagazine.com/2009/05/200-massive-free-drupal-theme-compilation.html http://www.tripwiremagazine.com/2009/08/225-ultimate-drupal-theme-collection.html http://www.freedrupalthemes.net/ http://www.freedrupaltheme.com/ http://www.drupalthemesdownload.com/
October 10, 2010

WordPress must-have tricks

40+ Most Wanted WordPress Tricks and Hacks 35 Tips Tricks To Manage and Handle Multi-Author Blogs 30+ New Useful WordPress Tricks & Hacks 15 Useful WordPress Tricks to Make Your Theme Even Better 10 Little Known WordPress Theme Tricks 20 WordPress Tricks to Improve Your Blog 10 tricks to make […]
October 5, 2010

Stop Tweaking! Create Your Own WordPress Theme

This tutorial goes out to anybody who has ever found a WordPress theme he thought he liked only to end up tweaking the stylesheet and template files until it looked nothing like the original. We ask you this; why not create a WordPress theme from scratch and learn how things […]
October 2, 2010


Some basic but nice layouts for startups: http://www.code-sucks.com/css layouts/ http://blog.html.it/layoutgala/