Why a CMS-based website is better?

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November 5, 2015
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November 6, 2015
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Why a CMS-based website is better?

What is CMS?

CMS is a website content management system with flexible modules such as web pages, blog posts, forums, image galleries and forums which can be easily moved and altered within the website. All components are managed by a single administrative interface and are capable of various functions like editing, administrating, and accessing certain parts of the website.

CMS is not the rocket science, it has been used earlier, but now it has emerged as an easy-to-use system being manageable in a business budget.


Advantages of a CMS based website:

Following are some advantages a CMS based website has over a non-CMS based website (static website).

Interactive experience

A business website is an online brochure which describes your business. It might look impressive at the sight but can lack in web design. CMS based website provides an interactive approach to your control that encourages people to give feedback on whatever they read, see and experience. This helps your business entity to excel as per needs of users and develop more responsive website design.

Look and feel

CMS based website has all the modules of a website integrated. It is capable of managing all of them with each having a different function. It gives a consistent look and appearance which makes it easier for visitors to find their way around the website.

User-friendly web design

CMS is a user-friendly system, which includes a web-based text editor. It is built-in on the website, which does not limit its updating and editing to a professional. It works like a word processor which makes it usable by all.

Maintained by multiple staff

When all the parts of a website are managed by a single webmaster, there are chances of mistake and delay in work. A CMS is supervised by one webmaster who grants permission to update specific parts of the website. Every module can be managed individually, which reduced the workload and chances of error. Here, no one is allowed to alter other sections of website. They just have access to their specific module.

Regular updating

It becomes difficult for a single webmaster to keep all sections of the website updated. With a CMS based website, being managed by multiple people, it can be updated on regular basis. It enables the business entity to update their information as many times as they want. As a bonus, CMS also provides an internal communication feature, which is shared by the administrators of the website through calendars, newsletters and private internal web pages.

Easy design

In a CMS based website, all content is housed in a supple formation which grows and changes with web-based user-friendly editing tools. Altering the look of the website is as easy as making a few clicks. It is least complicated and can make your website design highly attractive.

Easy addition of functions

With a CMS based website, a business can add functions likes subscription and newsletter without having the hustle of configuration. New modules can be added in a few clicks. Your website can grow as much as your business.


Gone are the times when CMS used to cost thousands of dollars. Today they are available as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. If your web hosting includes cPanel, you are no far from getting a CMS.

Installation & Customization

Businesses can always hire experts to install a CMS. They can do all the website design in less time and less money as compared to a traditional website.