Different Types of Clients Encountered by Web Designers

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November 2, 2015
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Different Types of Clients Encountered by Web Designers

For a novice in the field of web design, it may become difficult to face different types of clients. They may seem more like a wombat or even scarier than that in terms of dealings, fixing a budget, hiring your services and most importantly deciding the deadlines mutually. You’ll agree on the fact that if you know the types profoundly and are well prepared in advance, clients can become the best people to deal.


Probes you till the completion of project:

There are clients who are always procrastinate and leaves things piling up till the end of project. Hardly contribute in their work and aren’t very cooperative.

Tip: Worry for the work you are supposed to do, ignore what has not been given. In the end they will suffer not you!


Dreams comes true with hard work:

This is a category of clients who really think they know the best. Implementation of the entire scenario is based on their understanding of the project. Nevertheless, they want things to go in a way which doesn’t turn out to be best.

Tip: Let them follow minute details but keep on discussing the prospects which will actually work out.


Judges the potential:

This is quite a funny division of clients. The reasons is based on mere misconception that the web designer will give huge concessions on the services provided. Oh yes! These are mostly broken financially.

Tip: Never violate your rules and making your services degraded. If they can’t afford that’s their problem not yours.



How beautiful it sounds – perfectionists. Ask those designers who have to deal with this bunch of clients. These are found to be hilarious in the end but in the beginning things are settled out nicely. Imagine, someone making you go crazy by imposing things he want to do, in the set pattern which mostly doesn’t make sense.

Tip: Do things your way but keep on showing it to the client.


Logo fanatics:

They give you real hard time in selecting the appropriate size, font, color scheme and fonts. You’ll be like, “Hey, this is a better one, see it has the right size ….” But they won’t get you at all.

Tip: Discuss why you want logo to be of perfect size, etc. and leave the rest on them to decide.


Sets emergency crisis:

To this group of clients, even the minutest error will seem like a huge one which they want to get fixed there and then. Down time is hardly given which puts the web designer a flux of anxiety.

Tip: We’d suggest you not to work for those who are rude and mean. Don’t let yourself humiliate.


So not a good planner:

One of the craziest category of clients falls under those who aren’t easy on deciding things. They aren’t sure what do they want and change their minds several times on a single day.

Tip: Provide few alternates and leave them alone. Let them think and mention in the email that we only provide two redoes. Make them sure that there are certain points on the web designing which can’t be changed.

Tip: Offer different options with the number of redoes. Make work simple and don’t be hard on yourself.

Web Design in Karachi, Pakistan is merely an output of what clients need from the designer. But, for designers it becomes a little difficult when it comes to dealing with difficult clients. There are clients who are perfectionists, then there are logo freaks, etc. In short, what every web designer should do is to never let anyone humiliate them under any circumstances, fix the policies and talk about them prior rendering their services. It will make both, clients and web designers satisfied.