Let a PDA Smart Phone Organize Your Life

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July 14, 2010
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September 18, 2010
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Let a PDA Smart Phone Organize Your Life

For many, organization was just a dream, something we aspired to reach but couldn’t. Then, devices came along that helped organize our lives. Do you remember the personal digital assistants (or PDAs) when they first came out? But like all great technology, they’ve evolved and part of that evolvement is what you see in the PDA smart phone you can now purchase.

Old PDA electronic devices were made to fit comfortably inside the hand and were lightweight enough to be used all the time without strain. They certainly made keeping track of the day a lot easier.

While the PDA of old couldn’t function as a cell phone, a cell phone can function as a PDA. So you can still get all the things you loved about having a PDA and more. That means you get a cell phone that can act as a computer and help keep you on track. It’ll remind you about your appointments, keep up with all your contacts and even let you make that all important to-do list.

You’ll be able to get connected to the Internet to surf or check your messages so that you’re never out of reach. Plus, with some models, you can synchronize them with your home computer and you can even be able to use instant messaging. Many also come with word processors so that you can use the program to write whatever you need.

You can find that some models of a PDA smart phone come unlocked by the manufacturer. An unlocked phone means that you can use your SIM card even if the service provider isn’t the one who provided the phone.

When phones are locked, it won’t allow the information on your SIM card to be read. There are pros and cons to either side of the unlocked versus locked argument but do keep in mind that unlocked phones are generally more expensive.

The features you can get with a smart phone that has PDA ability are many. You can get a keyboard that makes typing easy and quick to use, a color LCD screen to make viewing the menu and completing tasks a pleasure, a way to take clear pictures that you can transfer to your computer and send friends and family and more.

If you’re already a super organized person who never loses track of any appointments, you can still benefit from the features of a PDA because you’ll be able to rest assured that all your important information is at your fingertips.

You won’t have to switch between using a PDA to hunt for information you need and then using your cell phone. When you want to keep your life organized, having a PDA smart phone can help you reach and maintain that goal.

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