December 17, 2008

Resources for Freelance Web Designers

Being a freelance web designer is definitely hard work! But if you are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to be a good one (i.e. make a living), it can be both financially rewarding and fun! Here are a few articles, links, and tools to help […]
December 15, 2008

How to Survive as a Freelancer

I like this article, it also has links of some other helpful article, here is the link:
December 10, 2008

10 Absolute “Nos!” for Freelancers

Author says: “When I first started freelancing as a college student, I was eager to do any website and would say “Yes” to anything, regardless of my skill set or the time involved. It was just nice to know that someone needed me for a skilled task. Unfortunately, I quickly […]
April 15, 2008

12 Breeds of Client and How to Work with Them

There are loads of different types of clients out there and chances are at some point you’ll get to meet all of them. So let’s take a look through some typical clients and see if you recognise a few of your own in there! Click here for article.
April 2, 2008

13 Breeds Of Freelancer And How To Up Your Game

Here at FreelanceSwitch, we love to talk about clients and on occasion some of their failings and characteristics, but let’s face it, most freelancers aren’t that perfect themselves. So today we’ve put together 13 Breeds of Freelancer, see if you recognize a bit of yourself in there… Click here for […]
March 14, 2008

CRM for Freelancers: 26 Tips a One-Man-shop Can Use to Make More Money

As a freelancer, you’re probably used to managing several projects at once. You’ve gotten the hang of prioritizing, scheduling, and making deadlines. While the overall outcome of your work is vital to your business, maintaining strong relationships with your clients is just as important. To help you out, we’ve put […]
January 8, 2008

Ways to Say ‘No’

While it’s OK to say ‘Yes’ to some requests for your time–especially those that are really important–saying ‘No’ is essential to securing sufficient time for yourself and your family. Here are 5 tactful ways to say ‘No.’ 1. ‘Although I’m flattered you’ve asked me to make your daughter’s party dress, […]
November 10, 2007

The 100 Tools Freelancers Can’t Live Without

Everyone has their go-to bag of tricks that they can’t imagine functioning without. This list represents exactly that, but on a much larger scale. Clearly, there’s no way you’re going to have 100 different tools you can’t live without, but you can use this collection to find solutions that you’re […]