Top 5 Reasons to Use a Responsive Design for your WordPress Website

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December 2, 2015
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December 7, 2015
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Top 5 Reasons to Use a Responsive Design for your WordPress Website

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Responsive Design for your WordPress Website

WordPress is the most used Content Management System on internet. With the wide assortment of add-ons, the potential outcomes for WordPress site are endless. Website admin ought to take responsibility to make the improved and streamlined site.

Following are the top 5 reasons to have a responsive website theme using WordPress.

1 – Google laws

Google is now rebuffing any site that is not completely responsive, even those with expensive WordPress design features.

Those sites are losing their position in rankings. In near future, such sites won’t be indexed at all by Google, seriously restricting the capacity of those sites to be seen at all on the Internet. It is profoundly likely that other search engines will follow the same pattern. Having a site on Google additionally expands the capacity of a site to expand itself to many directories and forums.

2 – Commercial possibilities

A responsive website opens up the commercial possibilities of a business to attract an entirely new audience. It is the era of e-business. Mobiles and tablets are considered as an easy approach to buying items. If a site is not responsive, then a company loses a whole lot of potential buyers. It is a great trap to attract new buyers, and they will become your regular customers. Marketing experts, keeping in view the present condition and preference of markets state that if companies do not go online to a responsive website might be out of business in next five years.

3 – Responsive plans for mobiles and tablets

Another explanation behind a responsive site is to keep inconsistency with smartphones and tablets. Text must be readable, sound and animations must be able to response to any smart device. The site might show up distinctively on different operating systems.

A responsive web design will guarantee that your clients would be able to see exactly what you mean to show them, no matter what operating system they are using. You will have the capacity to secure a great deal out of potential customers.

4 – Responsiveness to smartphones

You require an alternate design when you need to approach people on smartphones. Your clients will act distinctively. Studies have demonstrated that individuals who are on their cell phones are much closer to the end of the business channel than individuals who are searching for their site at home. This implies your whole layout may need to be changed, streamlining out huge numbers diversions and coming straight to the point. Numerous individuals are inclined to buy online just like when they are holding up in a line at a super store.

5 – Expanded life span

In case, your site is not completely responsive, and then you will have to spend bigger cost when the whole situation of technology changes. We have to accept the fact that the trend of having responsive websites has no chance of being changed in near future. Marketing experts advise to pay less in the present and change the formats, or you would have to pay more in the future to make the same changes.


Putting resources into a responsive site for your WordPress design is one of the best ventures that you can make in your business today. You will spare yourself a lot of cash later on. You will have the capacity to cement your business sector space before mobile markets get to be over-soaked. Responsive sites are modest, and they will just get more costly as the requirement goes up.