Unrealistic Expectations of Clients from a Web Designer in Pakistan

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November 6, 2015
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November 8, 2015
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Unrealistic Expectations of Clients from a Web Designer in Pakistan

We have already discussed types of client among which a so not content client was top of the list. These are those people who aren’t really happy about anything and want their work to be done in the particular manner which actually doesn’t make much sense. Here are some expectations from clients who know less about the entire notion of website design process.


Simple yet elegant:

Conceptualization needs to be cleared before putting word for the project. There isn’t anything which wouldn’t require time and hard work. Simple isn’t anything which you get from a website designer. He needs to work on it as in the case of developing a classy one. So, the misconception has to be removed, talked and discussed to understand how exactly the mechanism of websites go about.


Premium quality content or material on the website:

Completed the project and still not able to deliver it, why? What caused that, any idea? It is all about client’s perception of getting content written for the company from a website designer. This is not justified by any point. Client’s need to know what exactly they should expect from a designer who has nothing to do with the content. For that, we’d say to write things in black and white to avoid misunderstandings.


More salt and pepper please:

There is more than usual expectation attached to the website designer. Poor guy manages to deliver the best but like any good under training, is asked to put a little bit of this and that. Cooks experiment it with the salt and pepper rigorously. However, website designers face such things too.


Website will say it all:

Classic scenario is when website is delivered to the client but he expects it to be on the first page of search engine within 24 hours. Now that is humanely impossible until and unless certain targets are met. They need to put content and make sure that it’s not plagiarized. Another thing which really matters is the popularity of company. For that, you again need to work on certain things which can be achieved through milestones.


Financial restraints:

Client’s think it is okay to pay in bits and portions when the deal was to pay upfront payments. They also expect to get work in less money when the total cost of a website was way too much.

There are more expectations when the client isn’t sure what exactly he wants from the website designer. He isn’t even clear about how the entire thing works. Clients don’t know the difference and specifications of the job when it comes to content and developing a website. Therefore, they need to be educated prior setting a target.